October 2012

Well, it’s been a while, sorry about that. Unfortunately, Cambridge MathsJam did not meet in August or September, but we were back with a BANG this week. Our usual spot upstairs had been reserved by another group, so we squeezed around a couple of tables downstairs instead for a fun couple of hours of beer and maths.

We warmed up our brains with a simple problem from the NRICH website. It was nice to see the different approaches that people took, and it got people talking. We also played with a marble puzzle, an array of marbles where the object is to swap the two colours from one side of the board to the other using only the knight’s move from chess. At this point, completing the puzzle was our goal, and perhaps in future months we might work on reducing the number of moves – according to the box, 55 is average, and 45 is good, and it took me well over 60.

I did a trial run of something I’ve offered as a MathsJam talk at the MathsJam Conference next month to get some feedback from the people who are not going to be there. Then we rounded off the evening with a game of SET.

Next Cambridge MathsJam will be November 20th, upstairs in The Castle. Of course, there’s the MathsJam conference to look forward to between now and then though, looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces again!

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