Proceedings of the Cambridge MathsJam

So I wanted some way to keep track of what the Cambridge MathsJammers have been working on. I was going to make a dead tree scrapbook so that we could stick in problems that people had brought along and print out some photos, so that new MathsJammers could flick through and see what we’ve done in the past, and try some problems from previous months themselves. But I never got round to it.

Then I realised that an online scrapbook would make more sense. I could upload photos, link to other MathsJam info online, and invite other Cambridge MathsJammers to share material. If only there existed easy online platforms for sharing, like a blog or something…

So I’ll start by posting an epic roundup of everything I can remember us doing since we started up in January, and then I will post an update each month to share what we are up to. If any other Cambridge MathsJammers want to contribute to the blog too, I’d be delighted!

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